Dec 262013

I received a package of Aktive PM Anti Wrinkle Serum almost a month back. I have had disappointing results with several other anti aging serums and creams so I wasn’t expecting much from this one either but was trying it on my beautician’s advice…and guess what….now I look 10 years younger! No more crow’s feet!!

Read my experience to know more about the product.

What Is It?

As the name suggests, it is an anti aging serum that helps in keeping skin free of excessive dryness and wrinkles. It states that it averts signs of aging like crow’s feet, fine lines etc. It also claims to pump up the skin with enough collagen to keep it looking young and feeling smooth.

Aktive PM Anti Wrinkle Serum Ingredients

The official website doesn’t list any ingredients related information.

How Does Aktive PM Anti Wrinkle Serum Work?

  1. It amplifies natural collagen formation within the skin that helps in keeping the outer skin tight, elastic and young
  2. It also moisturizes the skin well so that excessive dryness doesn’t give way to wrinkle formation
  3. It further nourishes the skin and helps it in regenerating the skin cells by enabling healthy and superior healing ability of the skin cells
  4. It also seeks to eliminate free radical cells that cause radical damage and bring on early aging

Results That It Promises!

  1. Healthy, smooth and radiant skin
  2. Well moisturized and nourished skin
  3. Riddance from wrinkles and other visible signs of aging
  4. Decline in volume and depth of wrinkles

How Long Does It Take To Show Results?

Depending on the volume and length of wrinkles, time frame varies from person to person. But minimum time needed for results is 4 weeks-8 weeks.

Why Do I Recommend Using It?

I have been using it for a month now and I have used several anti aging products but this actually worked for me. It has made my skin softer and smoother and it feels healthy and velvety to touch. In fact, my skin didn’t get irritated or breakout with its application. Although the tub packaging is a bit messy to start with but it get absorbed into my skin pretty fast. It is fairly easy to use as it doesn’t feel greasy and works fine with makeup. Besides, I have had positive results as my wrinkles are much less visible now. I would definitely recommend it.

Side Effects?

As such there are none, just use it as per the directions.

Where To Buy?

Aktive PM Anti Wrinkle Serum trial can be ordered online at its official website.

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